SWIK Interiors (SWIK) specialise in providing interior decorating, styling, and home organisation services.


SWIK can provide advice on various aspects of interior decorating, general home styling and organisation, and property-specific styling for marketing or pre-sale photography and inspection.  SWIK can assist clients with:

  • sourcing and purchasing furniture, décor and accessories, soft furnishings, indoor plants, and wall paper;

  • colour choices;

  • selecting lighting and window furnishings; and

  • relevant and practical advice plus hands-on assistance to achieve clutter-free, spacious and stylish homes and properties.


SWIK does not provide advice in relation to interior design architects, builders or town planners and does not engage the services of sub-contractors.  SWIK may however from time to time recommend trades people to clients to undertake certain jobs which are not within the scope of SWIK’s services or expertise.

Gift Vouchers

SWIK Interiors Gift Vouchers are available to redeem on all services.

Indoor Plants

SWIK has access to a beautiful range of quality indoor plants year-round, available to suit your interior and delivered to your door.  A pricelist is available on request.