Home Styling

SWIK believes anyone can achieve a beautiful home without spending a fortune and can help you create a lasting and successful design.  Libby provices personalised in-home styling to assist clients to achieve an organised, spacious and stylish new look using the items they already have, plus practical advice on what to consider and where to shop for future upgrades.  No initial consultation is required.


These sessions can include help with:

  • spacial planning;

  • focal points;

  • art placement;

  • use of colour;

  • proportion and scale;

  • coffee table, mantel or bookcase styling;

  • styling of key pieces, a bed or a desk;

  • kid's bedroom basics;

  • creating a vignette; and

  • incorporating live plants.

Property Styling

If you're looking to refresh the interior of your property for marketing or pre-sale photography and open inspections, SWIK can provide valuable property-specific styling advice and hands-on professional assistance to achieve the best possible presentation of your property.